Our Philosophy
In search of the perfect accessory for a Jeans and T-shirt outfit Sparv was founded. With a base in Sweden, Sparv wants to combine the Scandinavian simplicity with a bold and graphic look. Sparv is constantly developing and exploring new patterns, products and ways of expression.

Our Vision
Sparvs vision is to make accessories that will easily add that ”extra” whether it is early morning at office or late night in a bar.

The People
Sparv was founded in 2014 and is today run by Charlotta Brorsson. Charlotta was educated at Swedish School of Textiles and started to work in fashion industry with purchasing. She was always searching for the perfect accessory to complete an otherwise basic outfit, but with no result finding it she decided to start an own accessory brand: Sparv.

Sparv Accessories 
Polhemsgatan 5
112 36 Stockholm